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Puppy Training

Here at Burleigh Road Animal Hospital, we understand the difficulties that come with welcoming a new puppy into your home – from the irregular sleeping schedules that come with potty training to taming the unbridled energy in your newest addition – every pet owner wants their dog to be well-adjusted and well-behaved. However, to mold your companion into a model citizen takes time, effort, and training. This is why Burleigh Road Animal Hospital offers puppy obedience classes lead by our very own dog trainer, Brittany. Utilizing positive reinforcement and training methods backed by behavioral science, our aim is to teach a wide variety of commands and refined manners in a fun, stress-free environment. Brittany is conscious that every dog learns differently, at their own pace, and works diligently to structure each training session around you and your dogs needs, making our training sessions a much more personalized experience for both you and your pet. Classes meet for an hour a week over a six week period, and cover commands such as: sit, watch me, touch, down, leave it, drop it, come, and stay; as well as topics such as walking nicely on a leash. Class size is limited to six dogs to ensure a stress-free environment and to meet the needs of every participant, so register early!

Call Burleigh Road Animal Hospital at 262-781-4400 today to reserve your spot, inquire about upcoming classes or events, or to have Brittany discuss your puppy’s unique behavioral issues.