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    Is it time?

    This is an incredibly difficult time for pet owners, as our dogs and cats are truly family to us. We recommend going through the below questions to see if you should consider euthanasia for your pet:
    ○ Does your pet seem to be constantly in pain?
    ○ Is your pet able to get up when they want to?
    ○ Can your pet eat and drink on their own?
    ○ Do the bad days outnumber the good?

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    The Decision Process

    You are always the decision maker here – we can only advise you on what we feel is best for you and your pet. If you are not sure if euthanasia is the right decision to make, please speak with us. We will take the time to learn about your pet’s situation, can evaluate them, and help any way we can. Death is always such a difficult subject, but at times, it is the most compassionate decision.

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    A Tender Goodbye

    When you have decided that euthanasia is the best course of action, we will schedule the visit. Often times, pet owners prefer for euthanasia to occur in their own home. We will explain the procedure to you, and will only begin once you are ready – you can take your time to say goodbye. The process is gentle and compassionate, and we are there to help you through it. After all, we’ve had to say goodbye to our own pets, too.