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Pet Insurance

Another popular option for your furry family member(s) is pet insurance.  We recommend this as a supplemental financial aid for when the unexpected happens.  The absolute BEST time to sign your pet up for an insurance policy is as soon as you get them!

NOTE:  Pet insurance does not work the way that human health insurance policies work.  You are still responsible for paying your vet bills up front and then submitting your claims for reimbursement.  Also please be sure to research any applicable waiting periods and restrictions on pre-existing conditions before committing to any particular insurance policy.

Burleigh Road is not affiliated with any specific insurance provider so we strongly suggest that you do your research when choosing a company for your insurance needs.  Many companies now offer pet insurance policies that cover anywhere from routine/preventative care to chronic illnesses to accidental injuries only.

To find a pet insurance policy that suits your budget and your pet’s needs, please visit the following pet insurance finder websites.

Pet InsurancePawlicy Advisor