We take anesthesia and surgery very seriously here at Burleigh Road Animal Hospital.  Our hospital uses the latest in veterinary anesthetic protocols, anesthesia monitoring, and pain management to help ensure the safest and best outcome for your pet.

We offer both elective and non-elective surgical procedures such as:

  • Spays, Neuters, & Declaws
  • Mass Removal
  • Cystotomy (Bladder Stone Removal)
  • Pyometra (Life Threatening Infection of the Uterus)
  • Digit Amputation
  • Ophthalmic Procedures (Limited)
  • Other Soft Tissue and Abdominal Procedures

We also utilize the services of a mobile Board-Certified Veterinary Surgeon for orthopedic and complex surgical procedures such as:

  • Cruciate Ligament & Fracture Repairs
  • Limb Amputation
  • Preventative Gastropexy (Stomach Tacking)
  • Complex Abdominal Surgery

We are one of few hospitals in the area that offer the utilization of a CO2 surgical laser for most procedures as well as cold laser therapy to help with post-operative pain management and faster healing which results in quicker recovery.

When it comes to anesthesia, there is no such thing as a “routine” procedure.  Every patient is treated as an individual and therefore we tailor their anesthesia protocol specifically for them according to their age and health status.  There are always risks when it comes to anesthesia, and we do our very best to make sure that your pet is metabolically healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and monitored carefully by our dedicated team.